AC/DC Inverter Modeling with Battery

I’m looking for information how to model battery system in SKM for short circuit and arc flash. In my project (from battery side):
Battery >DC circuit breaker>Inverter >AC Circuit Breaker>AC BUS

I want to model DC side with use of AC/DC inverter but I can’t set battery size and short circuit contribution from inverter.

I want to combine DC and AC protection on one TCC for battery protection .


In PTW, DC and AC are separate studies. A component in one cannot be a source of power on the other. Thus, a DC source (Battery, etc.) cannot be used a source for an AC system, and vice versa. The only exception is for AC loads, which can be taken into account for the DC load flow.

This being said, you may plot the curves from both AC and DC, but it cannot plot the DC short circuit current (unless you manually enter the fault current value).

For further details, go to the Doc folder (..\PTW32\Doc) and refer to the reference manuals for DC Systems.