How to fix a “FLEXible License Manager checkout fail…” error when using PTW32 Demo Version in a computer that also have Rockwell Automation software?


Question: Why does the error, “FLEXible Licence Manager: checkout fail…License Path: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rockwell…” appear when using the PTW32 Demo version with the ptw32x.lic file placed in its proper directory (\PTW32\bin).

Answer: There seems to be a conflict between the Flex licenses (*.lic) between PTW and the Rockwell Automation software. For some reason, the program is looking at the Rockwell Automation’s “ftasystem.lic” file instead of the ptw32x.lic file in the “bin” folder.

To solve the conflicting issue of the Rockwell Automation license file and ptw32x.lic file, try the following solution:

To have both PTW and Rockwell Automation working at the same time, you need to add a key in regedit.exe. \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\FLEXlm License Manager\MDAXBBWC_LICENSE_FILE with a value of C:\PTW32\BIN. This will allow both to work at the same time.

In addition, check to see if LM_License_File, along with the MDAXBBWC file are directed towards the C:\PTW32\BIN if PTW still does not work.

Also, try under Utilities, add Vendor Name: MDAXBBWC, Path: path to ptw32x.lic file, and Override Path.

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