Unable to Access HASP Network Key using Remote Desktop Connection (An Aladdin MemoHASP key is not attched securely to the parallel port.)

Why remote desktop connection will not work for troublehooting a HASP network key?

Answer: Accessing a HASP key over RDP to reprogram it will not work because RDP is a terminal session. A server will allow multiple terminal sessions. Because the key cannot detect how many sessions are in progress, the key will be disabled for security purposes. Otherwise, users can log into unlimited sessions and use PTW on each session, defeating the security.

However, if they are able to use a remote console session to the server, the key may work. A console session differs in that only one console session is possible on the server. Use this command to gain console access: mstsc /v:servername /console

If it doesn’t work, use another method to gain console access. For best results,physically go in front of the server, or pull the key off the server and attach it to a local machine to work/reprogram it. Afterwards, move it back to the server.