Installing PTW32 silently

You need to create a response/answer file.

To create a response file, run the PTW installer with /r switch (eg. run PTW_installation_file.exe /r) which runs the installation normally, and additionally creates the response file used by a silent installation. By default, the response file is called Setup.iss, and is created in the Windows or WinNT directory. You can then copy the response file to other machines. 

To run an installation silently based on the contents of a response file, the end user runs PTW installation file with the /S switch. By default, the installation file looks for a response file called Setup.iss in the same directory as the installation file. Use the following command when the installer and setup.iss are in the same directory:

PTW_Installation_File.exe /S /f1.\setup.iss

If the response file is located on a different directory as the installer, use /f1 switch and followed by the location of the iss file within a quotation.

As an example, run PTW_Installation_File.exe /s /f1"C:\new_directory\Setup.iss". This will install PTW32 "silently" without the interface, based on the data in the Setup.iss

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