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How to transfer symbols from PTW version 6.5 to version 7.0

Using modified or created components symbols from PTW V6.5 in PTW V7.0



V6.5 is installed in C:\PTW32_V6.5\

V7.0 is installed in C:\PTW32\

1. PTW stores all the component symbols in symbols.ugs, located in the Miscellaneous directory. By default, this path is \Lib\symbols.ugs.

2. We will now run the symbol generator utility for both versions. Simply go to the \Bin folder for both V6.5 & for V7.0. Run Symgen.exe for both V6.5 and V7.0 and open the corresponding version’s symbols.ugs file. You should now see the list of symbols for both versions.

3. Copy the modified symbol from V6.5 and paste it into V7.0 in the same component section one by one. To copy, highlight the symbol, right-click, and select Copy. To paste, click on the folder, right-click, and select Paste.

4. Once you completed the copy and pasting of your desired symbols, save the symbols.ugs file and close both Symgen.exe. Ensure that the location of the V7.0 symbols.ugs file is in this path: \PTW32\lib\. (For the backup purposes, another copy of symbols.ugs file is provided in C:\PTW32\bin)
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