Why do we still have the, < 240V and fed by one transformer < 125 kVA, when it no longer appears in the NFPA 70E 2012?

We decided to keep it for backward compatibility for existing projects.

The < 10kA was in NFPA 2004, and we didn’t remove it when the NFPA 2009 version was out.
The < 125 kVA was in NFPA 2009, and we decided to keep it as well when NFPA 2012 version was out.

We did show the year of the NFPA standard in the selection to help people understand.

All AF options set for new projects are stored in the “Default” project. Each company can set their preferences and let all engineers use the same Default project. We encourage companies to set their own default for new projects from the Options > Arc Flash.