SKM with Brady Printer MVP PLUS (Printing Instruction)


1) Click Start-Settings-Printers and Faxes.

2) Right click on the Brady THT 300MVP Plus printer and select properties.

3) From the Printer tab, click the + drop down button next to Head Settings, and set the Print Darkness to 22. Click apply, then ok and close this box and open your project in SKM.

4) Open a project in SKM, and click run.

5) See Arc Flash Evaluation

6) Once this screen appears, click on the custom label tab.

7) Drop down the style button, and select the Brady style of label loaded in the printer. If you are unsure of the Brady part number, look on the outside of the bag they came in or on the inner diameter of the roll itself.

8) From this screen select what is to be printed, and click continue.