I’m trying to download the latest version of PTW from your website and I get the error Authorization Required error message and it doesn’t accept my Password.

Category: PTW Installation-Downloads from Website

Answer: There are several possibilities that will prevent you from logging into the Download section. Expired maintenance is one of the reasons. If your maintenance has expired, please contact SKM sales to renew your maintenance. The other reason is incorrect username and password.

User Name: Your product's serial number, then underscore, then the first 5 characters of your company's zip/postal code. If you don't have a zip/postal code, or if we don't have it in our records, leave it blank. (Contact us if you're not sure.)

Password: Registered user's email address (use all lower-case letters) . If you don't have one, or if we don't have it in our records, enter the number 0. If your postal code contains only 4 characters, please enter only 4 characters for the Postal Code.

For example, if your product serial number is 9876, the first 5 digits of your postal code is 90266, and your email address is johndoe@company.com, enter this:

UserName: 9876_90266
Password: johndoe@company.com

Another example: For a zip code of T6G 2H1, the User Name would be 9876_T6G 2

If this fails to work, please contact SKM sales at sales@skm.com

The download site can be found here: downloads.html