How do I create a backup copy of my PTW32 project files?

Backup copy of a project in PTW contains all of the necessary files to restore the project on any other computer with the same or later version of PTW. Since the used components in the project are the only components that are saved in the backed up library file, then creating the back up copy of a project also saves the space and avoids unnecessary inclusion of the components in the library file.

When you have completed the modeling and analysis of the electrical system for the project you are currently working on, you can archive the PTW project, library and miscellaneous files for your records through Backup.

To create a backup copy:

Step 1 – Open the project within PTW32.

Step 2 – Click on the Project pull-down menu, and select Backup.

Step 3 – Enter the Project Backup name in the Project Backup window.

PTW will then create a backup folder with that Project name. This folder will contain all of the project, library and miscellaneous files required for another user to open the project. The project can now be archived or zipped and e-mailed to a colleague for review.