How do I resolve a diverging Solution in the load flow study?

Overview: When the Load Flow Analysis runs, the following messages may appear in the Study Messages dialog box to indicate that there may be some type of input data error.

Error Message: "Warning: Diverging Solution."

Solution: Users should double check input data for the components. Check the size of the transformers, generators, and utilities; and verify that they are large enough to carry the load they are feeding. The users can run the demand load study and use the results to check against the size of the transformers, generators, and utility. Also check the lengths and impedances of the branches.

Users can also try running the load flow study with approximate solution method selected. Then check this result and look for components in the system that has unusual large voltage drop. The components that have a large voltage drop and or the components near them are probably the ones with incorrect input data.

Users should check the load flow setup and verify which specification they are using. Selecting the "connected load specification " sometimes produces diverging solution because this does not take into account the load factors users have entered for the loads.
(See Load Flow reference manual for more info on load specifications.)