Merging Error: (line:369 field:11)-“0.0”-Unsupported field #524301

I need to rename a bunch of components and thought the easiest way to accomplish this was to export the project as a CSV, perform a find and replace on the component name I want to strip out, then re-import the project. However, when I re-import, Iā€™m receiving several of these errors: Error: (line:369 field:11)-ā€œ0.0ā€-Unsupported field #524301

Solution: Importing a modified component name to an existing project will only add a new component with the modified name and it will be floating in the database; thus causing the error.

If you import the file to a new project, then it will replace the old name with the new name with all the connections. In this method, you will have to recreate the onelines, TCCs, etc. An alternative way is to use the data visualizer, apply a datablock with only the component name attribute, then rename the components.