Configuring Network Driverless Red USB Key on client/workstation machines

The following steps can be executed on both the local workstation and server.

1 - Go to http://localhost:1947 to check the USB key status. If the web page does not load, run \PTW32\bin\HASPUsersetup.exe and try again.

- You can download the latest HASPUsersetup.exe file at

2 - Click on Sentinel Keys to view the USB key:

3 - If the USB key does not appear (example: picture above), click on Configuration -> Access to Remote License Managers:

4 - Verify that the following three boxes are checked:

5 - Verify that the IP address of the machine where the NETWORK key is physically located is entered, and click on Submit:

Note: It may take several minutes for the key to appear in the Sentinel Admin Control Center after making changes.

6 - Verify that the USB key now appears:

7 - You have successfully configured your Network Driverless Hardware key for the Sentinel Admin Control Center.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact