Upgrading to PTW Version 8.0 from V7.0 or earlier

Important Notes:
  • Projects created and/or opened in PTW V8.0 are NOT backwards compatible with older versions of the software.
  • PTW V8.0 will only work for licenses that have a valid maintenance agreement at the time of the release date (November 11, 2016).
  • When using PTW V8.0 for the first time, a key update is required.

Software Installation
Before you install PTW V8.0, it is a good idea to create backups on all of your projects in V7.0 for safekeeping and archiving purposes. See Creating Project Backups.

  • Go to your C: drive using Windows Explorer.
  • Look for the PTW32 folder that contains your V7.0 software. If you have more than one PTW32 folder, you should remove the ones that are not being used. Make sure you do not have any projects or file you need in those folders.
  • Rename your PTW32 folder to PTW32_V7.
  • Install PTW V8.0. (Default as C:\PTW32)
  • If you are using a network key (red) from a server, copy:
  • C:\PTW32_V7\bin\nethasp.ini
    C:\PTW32_V7\lib\nethaspip.ini (if it exists)
    into the same directories for V8.0 (C:\PTW32) so your new software can still find the network key.
  • If you did not create any custom library models, forms, arc flash labels, or Datablock Format, or want to start from a fresh installation then proceed to the Key Update Process.
  • If you created custom files in V7.0 and wish to import them into V8.0, create a new folder in the V8.0 directory named Lib_V7 (Your path will look like this: C:\PTW32\Lib_V7).
  • Go to the PTW32_V7 folder. Copy the contents of the V7.0 Lib folder paste it into C:\PTW32\Lib_V7. You will use these files later to update your libraries, Datablocks, forms, labels, etc.

  • Key Update Process
    The key update process needs to be completed on the machine that has the key attached.
    If you have a red network key, then the steps need to be completed while physically in front of the server. Remote Desktop (RDP) will not work. You can also remove the key from the server and complete the update process on a workstation.

    Once PTW V8.0 has been installed, start the software. The key program will appear. To upgrade, click “Update from SKM Server”.

    Network Key Update
    If V8.0 is installed on the server, complete the same steps above. If V8.0 is not installed on the server, download “Complete PTW Network Files” from the Downloads page on www.skm.com.
    Run AlaUser_Network.exe and click on “Update from SKM Server”.

    Note: If .NET 4.0 is not installed, run dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe first.
    If there are any issues with the key update process, please contact SKM Support at support@skm.com with your serial number.

    Creating Project Backups
    You must use your existing version (V7 or older)of the PTW software to create backups.

  • Start PTW V7.0 and open a project.
  • Click on the Project menu > Backup.
  • Type in a backup name and save it to a directory where you can easily find it. This will create a folder at that location with all the information and data you need to run the project, including a condensed library with all the library files used within the project.

  • I
    mporting Custom V7.0 Libraries
    • Custom files/devices are library files that you have built yourself or files that you have added to your old PTW library file.
    • Only one official library file is included with PTW V8.0 (C:\PTW32\Lib\Ptw.lib). It is recommended that you import all your custom library models into this file)

  • Start PTW V8.0.
  • Click on the Document menu > Library > PTW Library and click OK.
  • Browse to C:\PTW32\Lib_V7 and open Ptw.lib (this is a backup copy of your old V7.0 library). Update the V7.0 library when prompted.
  • Repeat the same steps to open your new V8.0 library. Browse to C:\PTW32\Lib and open Ptw.lib.
  • With both of these library files open, cascade the two library windows and expand out the CAPTOR tree to see all the sections.
  • Importing your old library models is a simple copy and paste process. Find the models that you want to copy. Select/highlight it, right click, and select Copy.
  • Navigate to the same section in your new V8.0 library, right-click on the right hand side, and select Paste.
  • Repeat these steps until all the devices you need have been copied over.
  • For more information on copying and pasting models between libraries see this FAQ: http://www.skm.com/Merging_SKM_Libraries.pdf (How do I transfer devices between Captor libraries)

    Importing Custom V7.0 Datablocks
  • Start PTW V8.0.
  • Click on Run menu > Datablock Format. Then click the “Import” button.

  • Browse to C:\PTW32\Lib_V7. Select and open an .fmt file
  • Draw.fmt (One-line Datablocks)
    Compedit.fmt (Component Editor Datablocks)
    ImpExp.fmt (Import/Export Datablocks)

  • A selection of available Datablocks will be displayed. Select the custom Datablocks that you want to import and click OK.

  • Importing Custom Arc Flash Labels
  • Start PTW V8.0.
  • Click on Run menu > Arc Flash Evaluation.
  • Click on the Custom Label button.
  • Click on the Designer button.
  • Click on the Styles button to see a list of label labels shipped with PTW V8.0.
  • Click on the Import button and select and open C:\PTW32\Lib_V7\Customlabel.dat.
  • Select the labels you want to import. Click OK import your old labels.

  • Importing Custom Arc Flash PPE Table
    The PPE table is saved in a file called FR_Clothing.ss3 (or FR_Clothing_Metric.ss3).
  • Close PTW V8.0.
  • Using windows explorer, copy C:\PTW32\Lib_V7\FR_Clothing.ss3.
  • Paste into C:\PTW32\Lib

  • Importing Custom Oneline Symbols

  • Close PTW V8.0.
  • Start the Symbol Generator program through the Start menu or (C:\PTW32\bin\Symgen.exe).
  • The V8.0 symbols library is automatically loaded. Notice that the symbols library is C:\PTW32\lib\symbols.ugs.

  • Open the V7.0 Symbols.ugs file from C:\PTW32\Lib_V7\Symbols.ugs.
  • Importing your old symbol models is a simple copy and paste process. Find the V7.0 models that you want to copy. Select/highlight it, right click, and select Copy.
  • Navigate to the same section in your new V8.0 symbols library, right-click on the tree, and select Paste.
  • Repeat these steps until all the symbols you need have been copied over.

  • Questions?

    Contact SKM Technical Support at support@skm.com with your serial number. Or call 310-698-4700 Monday – Friday from 7am – 5pm Pacific Time.
    Creation date: 11/10/2016 4:28 PM      Updated: 11/10/2016 4:32 PM