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Mobile App & MySKM Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can Anyone Download and use the app?
Yes, the app currently costs $299 per user and can be purchased and downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores.

2.  Can we build new projects in the field vs laptop/key method?
Yes!  You can certainly build new projects in the field and later upload to your MySKM Cloud account.  Once you return to the office, you can use PTW to download the app project from your MySKM Cloud account.

3.  What kind of library is provided with the SKM Mobile app?
The SKM Mobile app includes a simplified library for many components.  The simplified library mimics our desktop software's library.

4.  Is “great” cell phone signal required for this to work in the field?
Once you have logged into the app with an internet connection, you do not need cell signal until you want to upload the mobile app project into your MySKM cloud account.

5.  What is MySKM Cloud and how does it download to the desktop software?
MySKM Cloud is a location for you to upload mobile app and PTW desktop projects.  It's the "link" to get projects from one platform into the other.  MySKM Cloud also allows you to share projects with other users.

6.  What is the price for Cloud/and app use?
The mobile app is $299 per user.  MySKM Cloud subscription is $1500/year.

7.  With the MySKM Cloud subscription, do you still need the hardware key on the desktop software?
The MySKM Cloud subscription will be for downloading, uploading, and sharing projects to our server from the software/mobile app. It will not replace the USB key.

8.  Can I use the SKM Mobile app without a MySKM Cloud subscription?
Absolutely!  You can still use SKM Mobile as an asset management tool.  You'll be able to create a system model, enter component data, take pictures/videos, notes, etc. and refer to it any time you want on your device.

Creation date: 1/5/2022 10:37 AM (johnny.ma)      Updated: 1/6/2022 8:29 AM (johnny.ma)
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