PTW performance issues on LAN (Network Traffic Demands).

Customer concerns

I have and am experiencing (intermittent) unacceptable performance issues while running PTW on our LAN. The problem is alleviated when PTW is executed with the project files on my local desktop hard drive.

I have been asked by our IT technicians to inquire about the amount of read/write activity and network bandwidth utilized by PTW when executing is studies so we can better track down the bottleneck in our system.

Can you (attempt) to provide me with some understanding of the quantity of network bandwidth, and the associated traffic routes required by PTW?

Our present installation has the PTW program executable and libraries located on a shared network server drive (T:), with the project data files located on a different shared network server drive (P:). The license key is located yet on a third networked desktop machine. And the program is executed from a different user desktop machine with a shortcut to the executable.

Advice and Solution:

Bottleneck could be various of factors. Couple things you can look into one of the following, or even a combination of them:
1. The library file. It's huge at almost 1GB in size. If possible, relocate \Lib\PTW.lib to your local machine to see if this helps with performance. In your projects, go to Project > Options > Library and change the path to your local file. You can still run the PTW software from the remote drive. Just use a local library copy.
2. Your projects could have grown to a very large size. Try moving a project locally to test performance.
3. Your servers may be too far and speed may be an issue. Are all servers in your local area network? No VPN? 1Gbps connection speed?
Creation date: 7/27/2016 9:13 AM      Updated: 11/18/2016 4:49 PM