What are the files that I should back up prior to any major upgrade?

Question: What are some of the files that I should back up prior to any upgrade I apply? I am are concerned that my custom arc flash labels, report filters and etc. are going to be lost during the update.

Below is a list of files that you should back up:

PTWForms.frm - Forms
CustomLabel.dat - Arc Flash labels.
Draw.fmt - One-line Datablock.
Compedit.fmt - Component Editor/TCC datablock.
PTW.lib - Library File
Symbols.ugs - Component Symbols
Query.arc - Component Queries
FR_Clothing.ss3 - PPE Table (English Unit)
FR_Clothing_Metric.ss3 - PPE Table (Metric Unit)
Ansi.dld - Demand Load Library
lec.dld - Demand load Library
Skm.udf - default user-defined fields
CustomLabel_Keywords.ss6 - Keyword Table for Arc Flash custom labels.

These files can be found at the "Lib" folder. By default it is located at C:\PTW32\Lib .
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