HW HL Not Loading PTW.

Error Message:

Sentinel Run-Time Environment Installer V. 7.103

Validation of the signature for the file C:\PTW32\bin\haspvlib_45805.dll failed. As a result, the license update (V2C file) cannot be applied. This is an internal error. For assistance, contact your administrator or the software manufacturer.

You may also get an error that says to stop Hasp Loader Service.


Will need to uninstall current version of Hasp drivers(V7.103) and install an older version (V7.81 seems to work). 

1. Open up command prompt as administrator by searching it in the windows search bar in the bottom left -> right click command prompt -> Run as administrator

2. If your location of your PTW32 folder is C:\PTW32, type in the following: 

CD C:\PTW32\bin (press enter)

haspdinst.exe -fr -purge (press enter)

    Adjust accordingly to the location of the PTW32 folder. This will uninstall the HaspUserSetup through command prompt.

Also go to the control panel -> remove/uninstall programs -> Uninstall sentinel runtime 

3. Download the following the(7.81) install: 

http://www.skm.com/download/HASPUserSetup_781.exe (Please right-click -> Save as to get the .exe file or copy/paste the URL)

    This will be an older version of the key's drivers.
*Sometimes, 7.81 does not work as well, try older version such as 7.51

4. After the HaspUserSetup is installed, try running the program again. 

If this does not resolve issue, check hasp driver version to see which version is currently installed.
Checking Hasp driver version:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP
Right click haspds_windows.dll -> Properties -> Details

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