Copy and paste one-line from different projects

Client needs to build SKM model at an accelerating pace. I was wondering if it was possible to build sections of one-line via multiple SKM licenses and recombine into a common model. Is it possible?

It is possible. After multiple users finished building their one-line, tell them to backup their projects and transfer it to the main project computer.

After that you can utilize our PTW template feature.

This feature allow you to save your one-line or part of it as a template and copy that template to another project. To do so, select/highlight the one-line that you want. Click on One-Line Tab and select Templates. Create a new template. If you open a project, you can now select that one-line from the templates option and paste it to your one-line.
Creation date: 1/15/2016 1:54 PM      Updated: 1/15/2016 1:54 PM