New Suggested 9/21/2018



Checking breaker library files for a component

The ability to select any library file for phase, GF, and ARMS functions of a circuit breaker is a problem because mismatching library files can be selected by mistake. A possible solution to this is some code which checks whether a static trip library file appropriately matches a ground fault library file (the manufacturer and/or type of breaker could be used as points of comparison). If they do not appropriately match, a flag informs the user that a different breaker must be selected. It would be even better to prevent a short-circuit study from running if there are mismatches.

Please consider implementing this into the next SKM update. Thanks!

Why do the Phase, GF, and ARMS functions have to be separate devices anyway? Why can't these be in the same device but under separate tabs?
4/9/2020 6:42 AM

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