Modeling Scott T Transformers

• What is a Scott Transformer?

The Scott transformer is used to convert a two-phase voltage to a three-phase voltage.

In the above picture the A, B, and C are the three-phase system points. The Um and Um, and Ut are the inputs for the two-phase system. The phasor diagram shows the relationship between the inputs and the outputs.

• What is the relationship between the voltage and the current of the Scott transformer on the primary and secondary side?

• An example of a Scott transformer:

• What is the application of it?

Scott transformer is being used in converting an unbalanced load to a balanced load.

• Where do we use it?

In the railway, and traction systems.

• The advantages?

1. Making an unbalanced load look like a balanced load on the system. Also, providing the ability of making two voltages, which are 90 degrees out of phase from a balanced three-phase system.
2. Reducing the harmonics on the 3-phase side.

• How we can model it?